SSN Communities

SSN Communities are networks of key end-users, solution providers and industry experts with focused knowledge and hand-on strategic experience in a specific topic area/industry. Each specialized community typically includes 100-800 members who meet regularly online and at least once a year at a national conference and/or smaller, live regional events.

Examples of SSN Communities Include:


A community of Merchants, Mobile Carriers, Banks, Payment Processors and Solution Providers, all focusing on one of the hottest frontiers in mobile applications.


Community-focused conferences include: linkedin-logo twitter-logo

Medicare Revenue, Risk & Quality decision-makers linkedin-logo

Medicare Marketing Innovations

A Medicare Marketing focused community serving Medicare Marketers from Health Plans, Federal Government Medicare Officials, and Solution Providers.


Community-focused conferences include: linkedin-logo twitter-logo

Care Coordination Innovations for Managing Care

Care Coordination Innovations for Managing Care linkedin-logo twitter-logo


A community of Merchants/Retailers/Manufacturers, Warranty Operations Experts and Extended Warranty Providers, focusing on the latest innovations that will fuel growth in this often overlooked area that offers a vital key to competitive advantage.

Community-focused conferences include: linkedin-logo twitter-logo

MTM and Medication Adherence Innovations Summit linkedin-logo twitter-logo

Specialty Drug Management Innovations for Health Plans



A community of training experts from all facets of the financial services industry including investment banks, commercial banks, credit card issuers, mutual funds and insurers. This forum focuses on innovative learning and development strategies for this sectors unique training challenges and its ever changing landscape.

Community-focused conferences include: linkedin-logo

Health Plan Direct-to-Consumer and Group Marketing Innovations 2017

Member Engagement Innovations for Individuals & Groups

Health Plan Claims and Service Operations Conference    

Medicare Star Ratings linkedin-logo twitter-logo

Building, Growing & Branding Urgent Care Centers linkedin-logo twitter-logo

Healthcare Payments Innovations linkedin-logo twitter-logo


A Medicaid-Specific community serving State Medicaid Managers, Health Plans and the relevant Solution Providers.

Community-focused conferences include: linkedin-logo twitter-logo


SSN Communities are continuously expanding into new, innovative and underserved topic areas, adding thousands of prospective Community Members each month.

Focused and Independent
Strategic Solutions Network focuses exclusively on providing a platform for information exchange and collaboration. SSN is unbiased and position neutral and only convenes the relevant expertise. SSN does not make product recommendations.